Custom Decking Projects

Our carefully engineered decks ensure that all safety standards are met and comply with the minimum flex of the bearers and joists.

Custom Decks uses Gurapa or other hardwood timber as the decking option which is ideally suited to the coastal region. Gurapa is a sustainably harvested FSC timber, which means only one tree per hectare is harvested per year. These timbers require no maintenance as they have their own natural oils, and will weather to an attractive silvery-grey colour.

For our substructures, we use Grade 5 H3 CCA pine, treated for external use, and stored under shade-cloth on site to prevent warping. Connecting bolts and screws are stainless steel to eliminate rusting in the coastal climate, ensuring a long, strong life for your deck or walkway.

Timber Decking construction with stainless steel cable in handrails
Decking with stainless steel cable in handrails